Games Cleaner for Windows

Games Cleaner 2024
More free diskspace, more games!

For many games, a so-called "Game Launcher" is required to run them. Games Cleaner removes all the unnecessary files left by those launchers.

Games Cleaner is not just a cleaner software – Games Cleaner was developed for gaming and gamers!

Games Cleaner regains free diskspace – so you can play even more games!

Classic Freeware: Download, install, run and use for free! (without restriction)

Game Launcher Cleaner (for Steam & Co.)

Games Cleaner supports all popular game launchers (Steam, Epic, UPlay, Bethesda, GOG etc.). Games Cleaner removes all unnecessary files and regains occupied diskspace.

Cleans uninstalled games

Games Cleaner detects games uninstalled by launchers. Games Cleaner and removes any leftover files!

Cleans installed games (standalone games)

Games Cleaner contains a database of 470 standalone games that come without a launcher. Games Cleaner scans for those games and removes their unnecessary files.

Cleans savegames

Games Cleaner shows all existing savegames and lets you delete any of them with just the click of a button (even if they are uninstalled)!

Screenshot Cleaner

Games Cleaner allows you to see and delete all in-game screenshots on your computer.

Update alert (GameLauncher)

Games Cleaner notifies you about updates as soon as they become available.

Compact Backup

Games Cleaner comes with a backup-system. You can back-up all files you want to delete, so you can recover accidentally deleted files! The backup-system uses ZIP compression and supports fixed as well as portable drives (flash drives).

System, Registry & Bulk Cleaner

Games Cleaner removes not needed files of your windows to regain even more diskspace. Bulk-Cleaner finds and removes any duplicate or otherwise unnecessary files on your hard drive.

Detailed statistics

Games Cleaner gives you a detailed overview of all the free space you regained.

Hardware information

Games Cleaner displays a summary of your computer’s hardware as well as your hard drives and their available space. You can export this summary as HTML.

Games Cleaner in action

Games Cleaner's UI has the classic windows look.

All features are directly accessible, with each launcher having its own section. The System-Cleaner can be found in a separate section, right below the launchers. The Application is very flexible and supports all resolutions, ranging from 4K to even 1024x768.

Fast, easy, organised and effective - this is Games Cleaner.

Even better: There is a Portable Version of Games Cleaner that runs directly on any computer without needing to be installed!


Supports all popular launchers:
Steam, Epic, UPlay, GOG, Battle.Net, Origin, Rockstar and
Detects and removes unnecessary files in Game Launchers
Overview over all steam games installed Simple 1-click uninstall
Detects and cleans over 470 standalone games Cleans up leftover savegames
Provides a list of all screenshots on your computer Removes any leftover files from deleted games
Detects and Informs you about outdated launcher versions Deletes temporary, download and Windows update files
Looks for any unnecessary files on your computer Deletes leftover files from old Windows apps
Integrated backup-system, also for external drives Display your system’s hardware and lets you export it as HTML
Detailed statistics on regained diskspace Also cleans Windows Server (2008, 2012, 2016, 2019)
Portable version does not require installation (runs even from flashdrives)
Download Games Cleaner for Windows (4,5 MB):    

Supported platforms: Steam, Epic, UPlay, GOG, Battle.Net, Origin, Rockstar and
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista (+Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016, 2019)
Hardware requirements: 18 MB Festplattenspeicher, Pentium or higher, min. 500 MB Ram, minimum Resolution of 1024×768 Pixels

Games Cleaner needs no libraries, runtimes or internet connection!